PyCap makes it very simple to interact with the data stored in your REDCap projects:

from redcap import Project
api_url = 'https://redcap.example.edu/api/'
api_key = 'SomeSuperSecretAPIKeyThatNobodyElseShouldHave'
project = Project(api_url, api_key)

Export all the data:

data = project.export_records()

Import all the data:

to_import = [{'record': 'foo', 'test_score': 'bar'}]
response = project.import_records(to_import)

Import a file:

fname = 'something_to_upload.txt'
with open(fname, 'r') as fobj:
    project.import_file('1', 'file', fname, fobj)

Export a file:

content, headers = project.export_file('1', 'file')
with open(headers['name'], 'w') as fobj:

Delete a file:

    project.delete_file('1', 'file')
except redcap.RedcapError:
    # Throws this if file wasn't successfully deleted
except ValueError:
    # You screwed up and gave it a bad field name, etc

The deep-dive into all the methods can be found in the full Documentation.